1969 - 2022 : STUDIO PRACTICES

Initially I was a graphic designer who worked at BBC TV having trained in this subject at the University of West London [Ealing School of Art] in 1969.However, I  retrained to do Fine Art in 1972 .

Since this time I have created a  mixed media portfolio. I have paintings in both the Arts Council of England Collection and that of Sheffield City Art Galleries. For more than 40 years I have lived and worked as an Artist/Art Lecturer in Yorkshire and Derbyshire but moved in 2019 to Pembrokeshire, to be near the coast.My work has been 'sociology based': a "vision quest"- merging the personal and the political. I have written  a Ph D on art & social medicine,a film script on life and art in the late 60's; and currently a linking of the stories within 'MYTHOLOGICAL LANDSCAPES?' [Celtic Myth] to present day social  ethics and power struggles.

Visually I have followed a path somewhere between figuration and abstraction . An ad-mix of images are presented here. Current Projects and my  CV  work can be seen on the Axis Artists via the link below.