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1969 - 2022 : STUDIO PRACTICES

Initially I was a graphic designer who worked at BBC TV having trained in this subject at the University of West London [Ealing School of Art] in 1969.However, I  retrained to do Fine Art in 1972 .

Since this time I have created a  mixed media portfolio. I have paintings in both the Arts Council of England Collection and that of Sheffield City Art Galleries. For more than 40 years I have lived and worked as an Artist/Art Lecturer in Yorkshire and Derbyshire but moved in 2019 to Pembrokeshire, to be near the coast.My work has been 'sociology based': a "vision quest"- merging the personal and the political. I have written  a Ph D on art & social medicine,a film script on life and art in the late 60's; and currently a linking of the stories within 'MYTHOLOGICAL LANDSCAPES?' [Celtic Myth] to present day social  ethics and power struggles.

Visually I have followed a path somewhere between figuration and abstraction . An ad-mix of images are presented here. Current Projects and my  CV  work can be seen on the Axis Artists via the link below.


Untying the 'Gordian Knot' of life since 1970....: Bio
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